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Traditional metal window restoration services

Tec Glass - Products & Services

Metal window refurbishment

Tec Glass are experts in metal and crittall window refurbishment. We have completed many different projects throughout the South East often on listed or heritage properties. There is a wide variety of older and crittall fenestration product that we can service and fully restore back to near original condition.

Our workshops in Thame provide a facility able to process large volumes of windows and multiple concurrent customer projects. We have individuals with over 20 years experience in traditional glazing and specialist expertise in leaded lights and bespoke reproduction.

Our client base is varied too, from smaller residential to very large commercial contracts.

steel frame in white timber subframe

Glass and Glazing

Tec Glass carry stock of greenhouse glass, float glass and laminate. We can also provide many different glass types to order.

For instance it could be a piece of toughened glass for a table top or shelf, double-glazed units, old or restoration glass, maybe even a stained glass commission.

Whatever your glazing need we will try our best to help whether we can provide from stock or have to order.

float glass and greenhouse glass stock

Secondary Glazing

Whilst traditional single glazed windows are both distinctive and add character to a property they do frequently lead to problems with condensation and draughts.

In our experience the least intrusive and most effective solution to these common issues is a professionally installed secondary glazing system.

We sell and supply a high quality secondary solution, full details of which can be found on our dedicated web site, just click here.

We have provided this as a solution for many years due to customer demand - frequently we are asked to do this as part of a window restoration package. We often have excellent feedback on both the quality of the system and the benefits it delivers.

secondary glazing installed crittall window with antique furniture

Leaded Windows

Tec Glass are one of the leading manufacturers (and repair) of traditional leaded lights in the UK.

We have many years experience of making and repairing leaded light windows. This also includes decorative leads and stained glass, whether these be for windows or doors.

Whether the existing leads are bowing or in poor state of repair (leaking) it is possible to restore these back to their original condition and able to withstand many more years of use.

We do try and conserve the original glazing, due to the historic relevance and unique characteristics of antique or crown glass. If this is not possible we can replace with different grades of restoration glass to conserve the distinctive appearance (of these).

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